Part machine, part human the cyborg leads the way through Miss Grit’s debut record. Follow the Cyborg is the first full-length release by the New York-based musician and singer Margaret Sohn. Using ‘Miss Grit’ as an alter ego for creative exploration, they channel futuristic visions beyond binaries and beyond the preprogrammed characteristics. Produced and recorded from Sohn’s home studio, the record showcases a broad musical range from synthy alt-rock to new wave and electronica.

The cyborg is a metaphor and a reality considering the way technology has become a vital organ of human life. But it can also be a metaphor for the narrow social structures that are programmed into us. Follow the Cyborg explores all of those dynamics. Miss Grit sings about alienation from their own body, about breaking from the ties and moving onto a future beyond binaries. Incorporating vocals in English and Korean like on , their debut is boundary-pushing on multiple levels. Taking on the role of the repressed machine on the album, the singer sticks to nothing but their sonic vision. Ranging from jazzy saxophones and dance-rock on the title track to subdued indie on Your Eyes Are Mine, Follow The Cyborg has an impressive build-up that unfolds within each of the songs and across the record.

Follow the Cyborg is out via Matador Records.

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