We love  XJAZZ! for its packed line-up and various locations. But after a whirlwind week of rushing from concert to concert and venue to venue, muva of Earth’s show was a welcome moment of calm during the buzz of the festival. Their ethereal melodies and captivating stage presence created a serene atmosphere, allowing everyone to momentarily escape the frenzy and find ease in the music.

I meet the South London-based artist after their set on the open-air stage at Festsaal Kreuzberg. Their energy is equally calming as it was on stage. We talk about jazz, music as inspiration and their creative and collaborative processes.

From Relaxing Baths to Dancefloor Anthems

“I deeply connect with jazz. It is the foundation of everything. It’s the foundation, it’s the roots that inspired me and many others. I love jazz. But in terms of my music, if anything, it can be described as spiritual jazz,” says muva of Earth with some hesitation when asked what jazz means to them. Influenced by legendary jazz artists such as Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra and Don Cherry, they embrace the spiritual essence of jazz. For them, however, the term jazz is sometimes an easy way out when their music and the music that inspires them is so much more than sound. Their vision is to use music as a conduit to progress society, infusing it with strength and empowering energy.

“I aim to make music that carries a message, music that can uplift and empower people.”

Their entire creative process is a reflection of their profound connection with music, spirituality, and life itself. While their sound may not be limited to jazz alone, it serves as a constant source of inspiration that enables muva of Earth to explore spirituality and convey their message effectively. Their artistry transcends genres, inviting us into a world where authenticity and self-expression reign supreme. This eclectic approach allows them to explore various genres, from spiritual jazz to punk, classical, and beyond. Their approach to songwriting is as diverse as their influences, refusing to pigeonhole themselves into a single method or genre. While embracing the raw emotion and freestyle nature of their art, the artist also experiments with a more systematic approach to songwriting, aiming to create intentional compositions that cater to different moods and experiences.  

For me, songwriting has always been expressing myself and my emotions and people may resonate. I never get writer’s block, because I just express what I feel. Then there are ways of writing songs more systematically and I have been experimenting with that recently. But sometimes I just love howling and singing with my heart,” they explain. Soothing sounds are where they feel most comfortable and at home. Their own playlists are full of songs to listen to while taking a relaxing bath. But their willingness to push boundaries and embrace new skills ensures that their artistry remains dynamic and ever-evolving. What began as a new experiment with hip-hop beats ended up as the song High, released on the well-established UK label Brownswood. Originally written for someone else, they fell in love with it and decided to keep it for themselves, even though the dancy vibe is very different from their usual style. 

Breathing Spirituality into Lyrics, Melodies, and Performances

On the XJAZZ! stage they captivated the audience not only with their soothing voice but also with their ethereal harp playing. Their sound is as grounded as it is soaring, effortlessly blending afro-futuristic rhythms with elements of neo-soul. While paying tribute to their influences is important to them, they are equally committed to creating something new and meaningful. 

“I want to make something that shows what meditation is, which is being calm. But also shows another side of meditation, which is also living and feeling really heavy emotions. My music is about showing the whole journey.”

Despite moving effortlessly between different styles and sounds, all of their music contains elements of affirmation, words of encouragement and chanting. Spirituality flows through every aspect of muva of Earth‘s artistry, permeating their lyrics and melodies. They believe that music and spirituality are deeply intertwined, with the creative process becoming a spiritual experience in itself. “As I breathe, [spirituality] will always be there. The motion of breathing, the notion of breathing, being present and being where it’s at. Being where the crowd is.” By channeling all their energy into music, the artist creates an immersive experience that transcends mere performance and becomes an authentic expression of their spiritual journey.

The Power of Organic Connections

In a similar vein, muva of Earth choose their collaborators through an intuitive process, often based on personal chemistry and a mutual understanding of artistic expression. All of their collaborations are characterised by a sense of organic connection. Some collaborations develop naturally over time, as friendships evolve into creative partnerships, even by reuniting with old childhood friends. 

In a different form of collaboration, they invited friends from the London scene to remix their song OBiNRiN. With Holmesly, IZCO, Neue Grafik and Jkarri, muva of Earth found inspiration and joy in witnessing the unique ways these artists interpreted their song. Each artist added their own touch, infusing the music with a vibrant energy that resonated deeply. “They brought so much color to my life,” muva of Earth is thrilled to see how the remix compilation has been well-received and embraced worldwide, with people joyfully dancing to the tunes.

This summer they will be touring various festivals across Europe and are looking forward to experiencing different cities as well as playing in their hometown of London. Playing at Cross The Tracks Festival in particular will be one of those full circle moments as they know the festival well as a visitor. They are also currently working on the release of the first single from their new EP. Having released a number of singles and compilations so far, they are looking forward to the birth of their first extended play: “As much as I love singles, I´ve always enjoyed the journey of an album. It is my dream to make an album from the opening to the closing. So I brought this intention to this project. But I can’t wait to make my first official album.” We can’t either.

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This time, we curated the playlist featuring muva of Earth. Along with tracks from her new album, this week’s update includes Yazmin Lacey, Ego Ella May, Chelsea Carmichael, and more. Tune in below.