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Anna Grubauer

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Sera Kalo at Entangled Grounds XJAZZ! (Photo by Akim Karpach)

How’s Jazz in Berlin Doing? XJAZZ! Premiers “Entangled Grounds”

This year, the Berliner XJAZZ! Festival premiered their first album. "Entangled Grounds" is a collaborative effort, much in the spirit of the event. Each song features a different artist from the local jazz scene and their (re)interpretations of the genre. Anna Grubauer experienced the festival and spoke to artists and organisers about the recording process.
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Building Community: How Daytimers Create Spaces for South Asian Artistry

The London-originated collective Daytimers showcases South Asian DJs and musicians in a party series geared towards bringing the local diasporic community together. Recently, they hosted their first event in Berlin. Anna Grubauer spoke to Abeera, Imad and Arnav about what Daytimers means to them and their experiences of establishing a South Asian community-centred space.
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On Visibility, Needs, and Realities of Parents in the Music Industry

In this exploration, we hear from a diverse array of voices who are both, artists and parents: anaiis, Wayne Snow, Laura Lee, Jaxx TMS, Marit Posch, Steffi von Kannemann, Donna Arendse, Leon Giseke, and Hannah Joy. Each contributor sheds light on their unique experiences, offering candid insights into the realities of balancing a career in music with the responsibilities of parenthood.
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Community Music Therapy: How Zainab Lax Uses Music to Empower and Heal

Zainab Lax's music isn't just a series of notes; it's a journey of self-discovery, cultural fusion, and positive transformation. In our conversation, we unravel her sonic journey, from early harp lessons to practising community music therapy. Join us as we explore the resonance of her sounds and the impact of her innovative initiatives on healing and empowerment.
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Unraveled Emotions: Becky Sikasa Releases A Soulful Ode to the Complexity of Love

The Edinburgh-based singer Becky Sikasa follows her debut "Twelve Wooden Boxes" with the new single "Work of Love". In conversation with Anna Grubauer, she talks about complex emotions and her artistic journey from growing up in Bavaria to exploring creative communities in Scotland's capital. Keep reading and tune into our Introducing playlist to get to know Becky Sikasa and her sound.
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The Future of Festivals: Not Your Average Festival Recap

As festivals navigate economic uncertainties and changing audience dynamics, we question the future of these cultural spaces and their potential for fostering inclusivity and artistic exploration. NBHAP author Anna Grubauer reflects on the changing landscape of festivals, based on her experience at MELT festival. To get more insight, she spoke to bookers and organizers behind three major festivals in Germany.
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muva of Earth: Jazz-infused Serenity and the Power of Spirituality

The alternative jazz singer muva of Earth graced the stage at Berlin's XJAZZ! festival with their voice and tranquility of their harp-playing. Based in London, the artist draws on their Yoruba roots and embraces serenity and spirituality in their music. With only a few releases so far, muva of Earth crystalises a distinct artistic voice incorporating afrofuturistic rhythms and horns.
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