Musical purity is hard to come by these days, but once you let yourself sink into the sonic world of Icelandic singer-songwriter Arny Margret, it is as close as you can get. Following up on her brilliant intertwined EP earlier this year, the solemn and introverted craft of the rising folk musician evolves onto a whole new affectionate and delicate level, as every witness of they only talk about the weather (released October 21) will have to confess. Packed with intimate reflections and deeply connected to the rough north-western Icelandic surroundings, the record unfolds a heart-warming inner life, rendered in a sparsely acoustic setting.

“With this album, I feel like I’ve gotten further. There’s so much here about the past, and some of it’s newer, so it feels a little like I’ve revisited some stuff and blended it with me right now. Going over things, wishing I’d done things differently, thinking a lot about what’s happened. But in the end, it’s brought me here.”

An album of vivid emotional exploration, they only talk about the weather is about a coming-of-age journey of the singer, condensing early childhood memories along with budding youthful reflections and personal emotional growth. There is a deep poetic understanding characterising the framework narrative of it all, while the musical conception always remains crystal clear, brutally honest and proficiently arranged. She lets us relive her relationships growing up and her perception of the world outside. Meanwhile, the weather is a constant agent in that, serving as a vivid and quite alive backdrop to her autobiographical musings.

“I like to use the weather, in one of my songs I even make it a person, I sing ‘I am blinded by the light of winter, but it comes and goes away, I don’t like her very much, you can’t depend on anything she’ll say.”

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