Akureyri is the name of a town on the foothills of the Eyjafjörður fjord in northern Iceland and it also serves as the name of the latest wonderful single to Árný Márgrét‘s debut EP intertwined, arriving on 25 February. Beautifully arranged solely around solemn acoustic guitar pickings, along with a soothing voice that reminds of landmark folk interpreters such as Laura Marling or Feist. As in the whole EP, the tune showcases vivid imagery paired up with a substantial tenderness, that echoes out of every fibre of it.

“I know I’m weak / when you say that I am weak”

Born and raised in the northwest of Iceland, Márgrét acquired the piano at the age of six taught herself to play guitar little by little. The solitude and the sentiment of longing which characterised her youth, find their full expression in the four pieces of intertwined as well. All these motives then come together in the title-giving track of the EP, which the songwriter describes as follows:

“Past experiences kept coming back to me while I was living in Denmark, everything around me was different. It took some time to get used to. The weather somehow always makes a way into my songs, I use my dreams and my memories, words or phrases. And one day I came up with the lyric ‘our pasts are intertwined’ as if you’re connected to someone you don’t want to be connected to”.

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