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Everything about the healing potential of music and sound.

Conversations About Mental Health: Modha Release “Through the Cycle”

The collaborative record "Through the Cycle" by the Berliner Duo Modha engages in vulnerable and open conversations about mental health. With the aim to destigmatize the conversations around the topic, Modha share their emotions with the collaborators to create an atmosphere of trust. Among their collaborators are poet and writer Candice Nembhard, and the singers Noah Slee and Jermaine Peterson. We spoke to Modha and their contributors about the experience, vulnerability, and hopes for the album.

Landing Back on Earth: OY On “World Wide We” And Healing Through Music

On their new record "World Wide We", OY take their journey to Earth. The band examines political and structural problems and injustices as well as intimate emotions. Moving feet and minds, OY make music full of hope. This week we are introducing their new record and asked them a few questions about it.

The Same But Not Quite: Núria Graham on Exploring New Beginnings

The Catalan-Irish singer Núria Graham releases her fifth record "Cyclamen". It symbolizes a departure from the previous sound and tells intertwining stories of various characters. We met the artist to chat about the hidden treasures in (more or less) every song.

New Beginnings And New Orders: Tuvaband On The Hopeful Tale Of Her Fourth Album

How to see the positive in a global crisis? In the wake of the Covid-pandemic many people found themselves re-evaluating their lives and goals. Gloomy Norwegian indie-folk artist Tuvaband wrote an entire record around that feeling of new beginnings and comforting power of change, resulting in a first musical highlight of the year 2023. In conversation with NBHAP’s Norman Fleischer the Norwegian shares a few more insights on her fascinating new album.

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