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The Joy Of Commercial Suicide: What Talk Talk Taught Us About Artistic Bravery

The ability to change and to challenge yourself on a regular basis is quite essential for every successful artist. This 1980s band took that idea to the extreme which is only one reason why you should rediscover the diverse back catalogue by Talk Talk right now.
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Daily Tune

— 20/10/2017

You do remember the Kaiser Chiefs, right? (‘Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Rubyyyy’) What you might not know is that their former drummer Nick J.D. Hodgson pretty much wrote all the big hits back then. ‘Is there a chain of causation between the decline of the band’s musical quality and his departure from them in 2012’ you might ask and we’ll just leave that (rhetorical) question in the air for the moment. Now, he resurfaces with Suitable, his first solo single and it’s a wonderful old-fashioned piece of British guitar-pop that works as great today as it might have worked back in 1967, don’t you agree?