Photo by Ron Yeadon

For reasons we can’t really explain, UK singer/songwriter FREDDIE DICKSON successfully managed to slip under our radar till right now. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is willing to apologize that in an instant as we today exclusively debut the young gentlemen’s new music video Fuel and hopefully convince you to get excited about his upcomong debut Panic Town, out on April 7 via Shakey Records.

Fuel delivers sinister melancholia and raw alternative pop beauty in the style of THE NATIONAL, NICK CAVE or SHARON VAN ETTEN. ‘The album is a culmination of songs from the past couple of years,’ explains the musician the character of Panic Town. ‘I have stripped the production right back to allow my voice and the songs to breathe a lot more.’ The story of Mr. DICKSON is also one of a young artist who became fed up with the major label machinery (he released two EP’s via Columbia Records) and heading for his own way.

Fuel is as dark as it is fascinating and also reflects on the exeperiences he made over the past years as he told us when asked about the clip:

‘The aim of this video was to be quite honest and self-reflective. It’s about the sub-conscious loss of who you are, about how people can change without realising. When I stepped away from the music industry for a while I realised how blind I had been and how caught up I had become during the whole experience. The two characters in the video portray the then and the now.

Without further ado please witness its sinister beauty right here.