Photo by Tristan Schulze

We’ve told you about Leipzig-based psychedelic pop three-piece WHITE WINE a few times before, right? Just check all those sweet session videos we debuted last year as well as the lovely chat NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION had with mastermind Joe Haege back then. Today, we are happy to welcome the entire gang back with fresh material in the form of their new single Hurry Home. The track marks a first teaser off the band’s new album, scheduled for September 2017 via label Altin Village & Mine.

According to the press release the subject of the new WHITE WINE material is heavily influenced by the political climate in the world right now. Read here:

The song is mainly about those who are in power, or those seeking it, and how they have finally gotten a firm grasp of technology and how to spin any truth into an un-truth. They have succeeded in dividing the general population to where no one can tell what’s going on. And while we all preach to the feeds of our beliefs, the same old world of »kill or be killed« is alive and well. To be aware and watching this process unfold is maddening and it makes you want to run home and hide. But then you’re killing the hope of changing it. It’s all a vicious vicious circle. If designed or engineered, some would say it’s brilliant.

Aside with the A-Side, we’re also debuting the gentle B-Side Feelers as well. Both tunes will be officially released on February 17 but you are happily invited to enjoy them already right here.