Swedish dreampop newcomers Tripnaha are yet another example for the country’s almost endless sourcs of great music. Elin Johansson and Fredd Jakobsen found each other in early 2016 and following the release of a first single called Immune last year, they are now ready to unleash their debut EP 1A on November 27. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is putting these two into the spotlight as we are debuting their new music video for If Life.

The melancholic undertone of the soft synthpop tune in combination with Johansson’s gentle voice reminds us of groups like Memoryhouse, Keep Shelly In Athens or Blue Hawaii as it delivers truly captivating delicacy. The clip sees the band wandering around their new creative home town Berlin, from old ruins outside the center straight to the nightly streets of the never tired German capital. Here’s what Tripnaha state about the clip.

‘The video is about searching for context in a vibrant world around us whilst our own inner world might be in decay or stuck. Its about breaking free from the limbo which many of us are in, the stagnation and romanticization of our best days.’

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