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Robot Koch & Delhia de France re-interpret Aaliyah’s ‘Try Again’ (NBHAP Premiere)

A breathtaking re-interpretation of the world.
NBHAP News Team August 25, 2014

Aaliyah - Robot Koch - Delhia de France - Try Again

Thirteen years ago, on August 25th 2001 famous R&B singer AALIYAH died. Her song Try Again might be one of the most wonderful ones of all time in its genre. Now ROBOT KOCH and DELHIA DE FRANCE released an re-interpretation of the song. A new version of Try Again to honor AALIYAH, to never forget her and her breathtaking music. At the same time another strong piece by DELHIA DE FRANCE who shortly released her solo debut EP Suavium, including the single Share A Breath. The collaboration with ROBOT KOCH definitely suits her well – and the re-interpretation of Try Again is definitely worth to listen to over and over again.

Enjoy the song premiere via NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION below.



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