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Daily Tune

— 21/10/2021

The music by the beloved Austrian duo Cari Cari has always had that cinematic summer evening on a country road vibe. Now, ahead of the northern hemisphere winter – they release Around The Bend – a long slow goodbye to summer. The single has a warm and fuzzy retro mood, something between psychedelic pop and indie rock. The hazy vocals by Stephanie and Alex’ playful guitar tune convey an almost painful nostalgia for warmer days. What would be the perfect song to drive off into a movie-worthy sunset (don’t forget to check out our movie-related 2019 feature with the duo), instead warms us in the colder season. And the timeless track will definitely stay with us to be listened to when the weather warms up again. Cari Cari’s sound evokes memories – like a musical photograph and Around The Bend is the soundtrack to the four-minute short film with the listener as the protagonist.

Back To Normal: Lydmor Shares A Fragmented Personal Account Of How It Is To Be A Musician Right Now

Danish future pop dynamite Lydmor has been a longtime favourite of NBHAP and her immersive state show never fails to amaze us. Like many other artists from the indie section she's been suffering from the ongoing pandemic and the fact that it forbids her to do what she does best- sharing her uniting vision with other people... in the same room. The world's not fully recovered yet but the damage is done when it comes to the creative music scene. We asked Lydmor to share her personal thoughts on the current state of indecisiveness in this exclusive and honest guest article.

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Strand Of Oaks’ Tim Showalter Discusses The Powerful Value Of Albums As A Form Of Art

From time to time we invite befriended artists to reflect on records that have significantly shaped their understanding of music as such. Having just released his eighth studio album with Strand Of Oaks, frontman Tim Showalter felt it too difficult a task pinning down his love for just one specific record and instead decided to muse on the world-building virtue several albums have for him – and pleads a strong case for appreciating albums as a whole.