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“I Am Just A Part Of The Jigsaw”: Introducing Rebecca Vasmant

Scottish producer and DJ Rebecca Vasmant's 2022 EP "Dance Yourself Free" delighted fans with its exciting and expressive style. NBHAP author Elana Shapiro sat down to talk to the artist about the record, performing in Berlin, her Scottish roots and the new music (and exciting collaborations) on the horizon.

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Tallinn Narva Music Week: Art and Music Between and Beyond Nations at War

Estonia borders Russia as well as Ukraine sharing close cultural ties with both countries - until the Russian invasion. Now, the music festival is at a cross-roads in the most literal sense. In resistance to the Russian aggression, Tallinn Music Week teamed up with Narva, the city that is connected to Russia by a bridge. Writer Dan Cole attended TMW and shares his impressions of a festival that aims to support and show solidarity through music, art, and exchange.