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Sera Kalo at Entangled Grounds XJAZZ! (Photo by Akim Karpach)

The Melancholic Romanticism of KOSCHKA: Behind the Self-Titled Debut

KOSCHKA is the stage name of Edita Karkoschka, former front singer of the band Nausica. Now, she is releasing her haunting debut "KOSCHKA" and spoke to NBHAP about learning from her time in the band, her love for experimentation and deep empathy evoked through music.

Building Community: How Daytimers Create Spaces for South Asian Artistry

The London-originated collective Daytimers showcases South Asian DJs and musicians in a party series geared towards bringing the local diasporic community together. Recently, they hosted their first event in Berlin. Anna Grubauer spoke to Abeera, Imad and Arnav about what Daytimers means to them and their experiences of establishing a South Asian community-centred space.

Fabric of Dreams: Joy Bogat On Softness, Motherhood, and Her New Record

Hanover-based musician Joy Bogat bursts into the room with her powerful new album “Fabric of Dreams”. Sailing through RnB, spoken word, and soul, she reminds us that showing vulnerability is not for the weak - and the only ingredient that makes the connection with other humans so compelling. Ahead of her Germany tour, we caught up with Joy.

Diasporic Sounds: Sheherazaad On Music That Is Neither Here Nor There

Singer and composer Sheherazaad releases her second EP "Qasr" produced by Arooj Aftab. Not belonging to any existing category of sound, Sheher embodies the in-between, a diasporic sound and third-culture reclaimation of Indian classical music. We talk to the artist about imagined homelands, language, and her nomadic voice.

Afra Kane on Breaking Boundaries And Embracing Imperfection

The singer and pianist Afra Kane does not want to be put into a box. In her new record "Could We Be Whole" she draws from her background in classical music and Nigerian gospel but breaks their boundaries to create something new. We spoke to the artist about what freedom means to her and embracing imperfections.

Lucky Lo On the Realities of Low-Budget Touring and Mental Health

Lucky Lo makes music for the gentle-hearted, turning traumatic experiences into organic-sounding alt-pop. Together with her band, the Swedish singer Lo Ersare is currently touring her recent album "The Big Feel". In this guest article, Lo writes about the realities of low-budget touring and mental health struggles on the road.

On Visibility, Needs, and Realities of Parents in the Music Industry

In this exploration, we hear from a diverse array of voices who are both, artists and parents: anaiis, Wayne Snow, Laura Lee, Jaxx TMS, Marit Posch, Steffi von Kannemann, Donna Arendse, Leon Giseke, and Hannah Joy. Each contributor sheds light on their unique experiences, offering candid insights into the realities of balancing a career in music with the responsibilities of parenthood.

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