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Daily Tune

— 27/09/2021

A promotion from an artist as prestigious as Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon can be a tricky introduction into the scene, but when you deliver your goods as fine as Utah-based newcomer Rachael Jenkins with her latest drop Allergy Season, we should have no worries about that. Reminiscent of a Phoebe Bridgers-like mellow vocal atmosphere, Jenkins battles with the uncanny powers of human memory in the tune: “You can be free from a situation for months or years, and something as simple as a specific season or the smell of the air can force you back in time. If I’m not careful, I become engulfed by memories and begin grasping at straws that will ultimately lead me nowhere”, she shares. Framed into a sweet acoustic haze, which perfectly matches the springlike echoes of the song, the promising act fabricates an impressive sentiment in between the vulnerable state of human emotion and the empowering desire in the wake of that. Tune in to the fine piece right here and stay tuned for more.

Thinking Outside Boxes: A Dive Into The Unbiased World Of Clara Pazzini

Clara Pazzini’s music is demanding, versatile and complex. She draws attention to social evils and does not mince her words. The Hamburg-based songwriters’ genre-breaking debut album 'BOXES' was released few days ago – time for us to take a closer look at the interesting newcomer.

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30 Years Later, “Screamadelica” By Primal Scream Is Still The Finest Musical Drug Trip

In the wake of early 90s euphoria and a buzzing European acid house and rave scene a record as released that would become one of the most unusual yet influential records of that special period of time. Three decades later, it's powerful spirit hasn't lost its magic at all. Dedicated believer Norman Fleischer is moving on up for one more time and slips inside the magic of the iconic record once again.

SUUNS On The Timeless Inspiration Of Miles Davis’ 1968 Classic “Filles de Kilimanjaro”

Some records will shape you more than others. Half of a century after its original release the iconic Miles Davis album still continues to inspire musicians today. Liam O'Neill of beloved Canadian rock band SUUNS is one of those people. Ahead of the band's new album "The Witness" we asked him to write down his personal thoughts on this masterpiece in an exclusive guest article.

“Is This (Really) It”?: The Strokes’ Undying Classic Turns 20 And Remains A Buzzing Rock Monument

The group’s seminal debut of 2001 not only marked one of the first hypes of the Internet era, but also initiated a wave-like revival of garage rock, surging up the post-millenial indie movement that still reverberates to this day. Nearing the album’s twentieth, NBHAP author Andreas went down memory lane to reflect upon the record that is one, if not the most remarkable of 2000’s rock albums.