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Drawn By The Tides: Vargkvint On The Mysteries Of The Moon And The Ocean

The Swedish singer and stop-motion animator, Vargkvint just released her sophomore record via LEITER. "Månens hav" is an ambient composition of songs that have a highly conceptual character. Tracing the connections between the moon, the ocean, and humanity, we peel back the instrumental layers of the album in our extended conversation with the artist.

On Top Of The Monolith: Squid Redefine Contemporary Guitar Rock On “O Monolith”

While we were pretty blown away by Squid's magnificent "Bright Green Field" during the spring of 2021, the UK rock sensation already had the follow-up in mind. Now the adventurous group returns with the fruits of lockdown labour, resulting in an even bolder and more emotional record. "O Monolith" is not an easy record - but these aren't easy times anyway. NBHAP author Norman took a closer look at it.

Ana Lua Caiano, Cloth, 7ebra, Arlo Parks And More: Our May Favourites

Every end of the month we publish reviews of some of the brand new records that moved us. These are the personal takes on hand-curated gems our team dug up (and the occasional chart topper), this time with Ana Lua Caiano, 7ebra, Cloth, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Mandy Indiana and Arlo Parks. Have you discovered something new? What was your favourite album this month?

Politics of Hope: Lie Ning Releases Their Debut Album “Utopia”

The Berlin-based artist Lie Ning has long been a name in the local RnB and pop circles. Now they finally released their debut "Utopia". NBHAP author Anna Grubauer met the singer for a chat about concepts of utopia, mainstream pop and calling out the exclusivity of the white male-dominated German music landscape.

From Anger Towards Healing: Chloe Gallardo On The Bleak Struggle Of Her Debut

Hailing from Orange County and just releasing her long-awaited debut record, the US-American singer-songwriter has stepped out from a dark place into spaces of healing and progress. NBHAP editor Andreas chatted up the artist around the release of “Defamator” and talked about the origins of the songs, cathartic relief and the sweetness of revenge.
Chelsea Carmichel is leaning on a wall pictured from the waist up. The photo is black ad white and she is looking directly into the camera wearing a dark coat with a bag slung across her shoulder.

“About Acknowledging The Roots”: Catching Up With Chelsea Carmichael

One of Britain’s rising jazz musicians, the acclaimed London act delivered one of the most brimming shows at this year’s XJAZZ! edition in Berlin. We caught up for a quick chat with the artist after the show to talk about the British scene and what it means to honour the legacy of jazz music.
Stylized photo of Alfa Mist. The portrait shot of the artist wearing a blue hoodie and a black baseball cap is edited with bush strokes blurring the colors over his face.

“Creating Something from Nothing”: A Retrospective on Identity With Alfa Mist

On his new release "Variables", Alfa Mist explores themes of identity inspecting its creation by means of reflection and retrospection. NBHAP editor Felicia met with the Newham jazz and hip-hop producer to talk about perspectives of positive pessimism as well as his understanding and appreciation for life and the joy of missing out.

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