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Apocalyptic Hits: Explore The Exciting Glitch-Pop Of Danish Duo Between Mermaids And Me

With a hunger for creative adventure this new band steps out of all the white noise of young groups that are emerging in the digital age. On their debut EP “Reality Cravings” the group faces the rough reality of our times with subtle musical beauty and we think you should discover it immediately.

Regaining Vulnerability: Son Little on “Like Neptune” and Putting Down the Burden

Emotions run deep in Son Little's music. The Philadelphia-born singer and songwriter, Aaron Livingston, recently released the bluesy, retro-soul-inspired Like Neptune. His new record emerged out of an intense and difficult time. We caught the artist in an extended Zoom interview to talk about personal growth, change, and reclaimed vulnerability. TW: sexual abuse

All Eyes On The ESNS Exchange: A Stroll Through The New Generation Of Noteworthy Talents

The notable showcase festival ESNS gives upcoming artists the opportunity to display their talents in the Dutch city Groningen and if in luck, be booked for festival giants like Rock am Ring, Glastonbury, Primavera or The Great Escape. Ahead of the new edition, Anna Stich selected eight female(-fronting) acts who have made the most out of their performance at ESNS.

“Always Chasing The Next Thing“: An Evening At The Pitchfork Berlin Premiere

The renowned Pitchfork Festival series has at last reached our German capital (and NBHAP headquarter) so we took the opportunity to catch up with Bay Area’s ravishing indie outfit Fake Fruit and New York City-based synth-pop-trio Nation Of Language to talk about the euphoria of live music, post-pandemic music industry and their budding pop careers. Time for an introduction.