No, you read that correct. There’s no ‘i’ missing in Vsitor, it’s a conscious decision that perfectly represents the music of Berlin-based Swiss art pop trio. A familar yet somehow also estranging notion dominates their upcoming debut record Keep On Running as it invites the listener to deeply dive into an almost meditative state. It’s a physical, mental and emotional journey the three-piece presents on this album and Dare To is a perfect example for this. The hazy dream pop tune is an song about being brave as the band ‘dare to be ourselves without any limits’ as singer Lea Marie Fries states it. As we’re debuting the music video for Dare To today the artist shares her interpretation of the song’s origings:

‘The song is about the inner fight between the irrational fears and what we really feel like doing. I see it in two different contexts. First, it can be seen as a reflection on a relationship, friends or lovers… Were you struggling with fears, trust issues, scars from older experiences, and the need to let go, to feel free, to get rid of this constricting feelings? The other way is to see this as a struggle within yourself. In the end we always want to liberate ourselves from our negative thoughts…. So we are able to just let go and let it flow.’

Despite the dreamy character of Dare To there’s also something quite bouncing and driving about the song. ‘It perfectly reflects what happens in our brains when we have this inner battle between fears and hopes or wishes,’ explains Lea and once you realize this it’s impossible to overhear it. Vsitor also made the video you are about to see by themselves as they went to one of their favourite places in the German capital. ‘We all went to Berlin and worked and lived in this amazing city and developed ourselves and our music… and then to go back at some point with a new album in the pocket and with all these new experiences in the backpack felt natural and right.’

Keep On Running arrives on April 26 via Red Brick Chapel and it’s a fascinating litle dream pop treasure you should definitely discover. Until then please let the music video unfold its magic right here.