Hailing from Amsterdam, BEA1991 is one of the most interesting music exports the Netherlands had to offer in the last few years. Naturally, she presented her newest record Brand New Adult during the Dutch Impact program at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. Since her first EP Good Thinking, Bea has evolved as a multidisciplinary artist connecting music, fashion, art, and even academia. She creates her own fashion and of course, all artworks and visuals are special. On the artwork for Brand New Adult, we can see widely-grinning Bea sitting on a CGI-cow.

Before this year’s debut release, Bea published numerous singles and 7-song mixtape Songs of 2k11. Working across countries, she also collaborated with Porches and on Blood Orange’s marvellous 2016 LP Negro Swan. Dev Hynes himself plays the bass on single Did You Feel Me Slip Away on Brand New Adult. On the self-released album, BEA1991 combines bedroom pop with folk, R&B and yacht rock. She herself described it on Bandcamp as ‘one soothing experience’. It is also a sonic adventure, that makes you feel like on a holiday for just around 30 minutes.

Photo by MCG

Although she spends her time working in cities like London or New York, BEA1991 is still Amsterdam-based. Reason enough for us to find out her favorite spots and tips for our next holiday in the Netherlands! She kindly answered the questions per mail while traveling across Europe for her tour.

How should one spend just 24h in Amsterdam?
NOT being high!

What clubs would you recommend?
I recommend sitting on the Stenenhoofd (a brick block that reaches out onto the IJ-canal) on a summer evening with a bottle of hot-whiskey-toddy.

Where can I find the best fries in Amsterdam?
Try the tiny fries-window opposite “Van Stapelen” in the old centre. also Chipsy King – they’re better than they look, truth be told.

How would you describe the music scene in Amsterdam?
Definitely evolving … Might have been a bit stiff some years ago but many new projects are adding to the mix now

How has the city changed since you’ve grown up?
Yes, a lot. Some good bits some bad.

Considering that you’re parents are from England, where you rather influenced by Dutch or English culture while growing up?
Both! an equal 50/50 I’d say. I miss out on traditional influences, this confuses people, then sometimes I know random facts that are totally cute and useless.

I there any major city that you’d be interested in moving to and why?
I’ve visited NYC a lot, never lived there. But I lived in Australia for a while. I’d like to explore Latin America next.

How do you spend your time while traveling on the road?
Clipping my toenails in the car window.