Sometimes, guitar music works best when it’s on point and takes no detours and that’ basically what the sound of Zürich based newcomers Annie Taylor is all about. Telephone is a second taste of their forthcoming debut Sweet Mortality, out September 4th and yes, it gets straight to the point: The riffs are dry, the licks are slick, the drums are steady. Along with a catchy melody and sing-along chorus, the track slides effortlessly in in the comfort zone between Sunflower Bean and Queens Of The Stone Age. Singer Gini Jungi’s vocals carry the song with an effortless blend of affected coolness and infectious excitement.

The quartet pays homage to the big rock sound of the past without being derivative: From the dusty guitar sound to noodly licks, there’s a sense of throwback to the entire affair. The video, courtesy of Christian Taro, plays into that vibe with beauty shots of steaming motor bikes and dusty highways. Clocking in at under three minutes, Telephone is an easy listen, the perfect soundtrack for lazy summer days and long nights alike.

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