Here is an artist that we cannot get off our minds lately. Contrary to her name, Hazel English is Australian-Born and now resides in LA and these sunny vibes seem to reflect into her music making. Off My Mind is the second single teasing the forthcoming sophomore LP Wake Up! and sparkles with bright pop sensibilities. The retro style production and Hazel English’ blurry vocals take the listener on a ride back to the high times of The Mamas and Papas and co. The vintage touches of the musician’s guitar play reflect into the accompanying video as well. Made from snippets of 60s style film footage, the grainy images mirror the indie nostalgia of the instrumentation. On the video the singer ‘wanted to juxtapose scenes of mundane and repetitive activity with moments of pure joy and spontaneity to show the value of creating authentic experiences in our own lives.

Hazel English has been carrying around a unique obsession with old movies and art even before she got into songwriting. On her record due in April, she wants to remind us to be aware and present in times when we are used to constantly turning to entertainment. Wake Up! Is a pretty literal musical wake up call for us to stop a second and look beyond, done so in the most charming way through grounded pop sensibilities and an ear for catchy melodies.

Off My Mind is about feeling stuck in a situation but too afraid to make a move. It’s about the limbo state between where you are and where you want to be.”

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