We probably said that a few times already but “What the f***, Bergen?” The cosy Norwegian city continues to cause excitement over here with their ongoing supply of great and diverse artists who all seem to support each other on various levels. Especially the gang around Made Management, home of Aurora and Sigrid, seems to have a great taste for the adventurous yet very talented alternative pop heroines of the future. We recently already introduced you Moyka via our Listen Ahead Playlist, today we like to give her bestie Iris the attention she deserves. Cotton Candy, her latest single is a tender but also stubborn pop anthem, riding on futuristic trap beats that are less annoying and quite fitting and that’s quite a difficult thing to achieve in the year 2019 if you ask me.

Cotton Candy is a track about a romantic encounter Iris had long fantasized about but never quite believed she’d have. It’s a subtle statement of sexual self-determination and there’s something really sensual about the way she performs it. It’s an intimate and personal story and like her friends and Norwegian colleagues she’s got the talent to make it sound like a great pop song as well. The future of the Made gang and Iris is looking pretty good so far and a full EP called Femme Florale is happening in December so you better make sure to have this one on your radar as well.

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