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Andreas Peters

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“Stop Fighting Artists”: Why You Should Know About The Union Of Musicians And Allied Workers

Rants about Spotify and their questionable practices as the top dog of the streaming industry have become an established tradition of pop-cultural criticism, but rarely do comments lead to action. Following up on the Joe Rogan conflict with the Swedish company, NBHAP co-head Andreas caught up with musician and activist Joel Jerome from the "Union Of Musicians And Allied Workers" to find out more on the organisation and how to get involved.
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“A Whole New World”: Lucas Laufen And The Gracious Art Of “Weathering”

Experiencing the music of the rising folk artist is an exercise in listening closely and his just released sophomore LP is a particular diamond in that regard. Following up on the subtle art of the acclaimed songwriter in the return of his folk column, NBHAP co-head Andreas caught up with the Australian to talk new sonic encounters, pandemic circumstances and urban challenges on a whole.
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“Like Another Piece Of The Puzzle”: How The Weather Station Evolves A Continued Vision On Her New LP

After last year’s celebrated “Ignorance”, The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman found there were more songs left in the grounds of her creative vaults from that period, so she decided to breathe new life into them on "How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars". NBHAP editor Andreas met up with the artist just in time for the release to discuss the vision behind the idea and how the new songs embody the global sense of ending of our times.
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