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The Time Before The Crash: MØ On “Motordrome” And Regaining Her Voice

After a hiatus of a few years, the Danish singer Karen Marie Ørsted aka MØ stepped back into the recording studio and on stage. On her freshly released third LP "Motodrome" she reflects on dramatic experiences and low points but finds the sweet spot between sadness and hope. NBHAP author Dan Cromb caught up with the artist to find out more about the writing process of the record.
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Tossing Coins Of Faith: AURORA Talks Imperfection and Spirituality

AURORA has stepped out of the dawn and into the bright sunlight with her latest record. On "The Gods We Can Touch" the artist and singer rediscovers a more playful side of herself. She spices synth-pop with themes of spirituality and reveals drawing inspiration from the flawed Gods of Greek Mythology in our interview ahead of the release.
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Introducing Norway’s Moyka And Her Brilliant Pop Debut “The Revelations Of Love”

With her freshly released first full-length the young musician from Bergen enters the scene by setting quite an exclamation mark. It's a concept album that spans the course of a relationship, telling a story of love and loss and how they intertwine. With just the right mixture of emotional honesty and catchy pop production, Moyka kindly invites the listener on this journey. NBHAP author Dan Cromb sheds a bit more light on the record and the artist.
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