Aaron Holm & Matthew Felton - 2014

AARON HOLM, an electronic composer and MATTHEW FELTON, a classically trained pianist, are recovering technology executives and expats living in Seattle who found themselves at a personal and professional turning point. Both met at a high profile software startup in 2012 but soon left and began improvising and recording. What came together as performance of a sprawling new sound blending piano and spontaneous electronic compositions in their new album Transitions Seattle, which is an album about life at a crossroads. Transitions Seattle will be released on April 8th via Dissolve Records. It’s a mood-scape that explores the movement from one moment to the next, the distance between one and zero, and the constant nature of transition. An album with an altostratus pace and flow, with tracks leading you from quiet breaststrokes on piano keys into the wild thumps of ambient rhythms that unnerve and disarm. Field recordings flow in and out bringing community to the recordings. It all begins with the quiet moodiness inherent in change itself, but creates the space to wander, dream, and contemplate.

Now AARON HOLM‘s and MATTHEW FELTON‘s video Breathing Waves premieres on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Probably one of the most interesting experimental electronic music projects these days, with a video that couldn’t be more wonderful.