AaRON - Onassis


Ever since, AaRON is an act that releases touching music with piercing lyrics. Just remember their songs U-Turn and Seeds of Gold. Now they are back with a new song titled Onassis. Probably the most beautiful and at the same time most touching song they have released so far. Maybe this is exaggerated, maybe not. One thing is for sure: when singer Olivier Coursier starts singing this song will deeply touch you. Promised.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because you would miss an amazing song and a great video. I seriously can’t tell how often the song was listened just by myself in the last days. Probably a zillion times. And with each listen I tried to find the right words, until I finally admitted it to myself: I will never find the words that could ever express the beauty of Onassis.

Anything Else?

‘The Onassis lake is frozen, I’m gazing at the wild geese and I’m holding my fate on. The cold fact that life is just a long migration towards the sun i guess, towards the sun, i guess. Far, in distance, there is hope, or at least another round. We’re not dead, just out of tune. I’ll see you in the neighborhood.