Photo: Jesper Berg

Photo: Sophie Krische

Their 2013 effort Friends And Enemies set a new standard in German indie pop outfit ABBY‘s ambitions. The narrow niche of happy nothingness has obviously grown too small for them. Now the Berlin based foursome is back with their new longplayer Hexagon and in preparation for it ABBY share bits of the new songs here and there. Today and right here on yours faithfully NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION the band exclusively shared their thoughts on the new song Friendly Fire along with a little insight into the tune.

Swelling violins and heavy beats dominate Friendly Fire, turning it into a dramatic affair. A deliberate decision, as the band states:

It is a track that is supposed to be loud and dirty. We really like it as it is now: Distorted. The whole song is about war in the name of religion and war in the name of someone’s personal interest. Something that happened before and it’s happening right now. To us, Friendly Fire means people shooting people which is obviously wrong and against everything we should stand for. It’s a global problem and we should stop the killing and start helping each other.

A statement that can’t be heard loud and clear enough these days. Enjoy the snippet of Friendly Fire right here and get excited for ABBY‘s new album Hexagon, out this Friday, August 28th, via Island/Universal.