Active Child - 1999

American songwriter and producer Pat Grossi aka ACTIVE CHILD reports back with a new album this summer. Mercy is the name of the follow-up to his acclaimed 2011 debut You Are All I See and it will be released on June via label Vagrant. His last proper release was the EP Rapor which got released in October 2013. The announcement also comes with a first song called 1999.

Grossi to Fader about the track: ‘The words ‘Somewhere between now and 1999’ encapsulate the emotion and meaning of this song to me. Those 16 years span the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood for me. It’s a song about growing up, a song about the fragility of love, and our instinctual, perpetual search for that someone. I can remember my little nieces and nephews laughing and playing in my studio the day I started work on what would become ‘1999.’ Their innocence and curiosity of everything inspired me that day. There’s a cycle to the song’s structure and lyrics, a repetition that is hypnotic I think, much like the cycle of growing up, its so easy to lose track of time, but always important I think to keep track of your own growth.’

You can stream the new material of ACTIVE CHILD right here.