By now a large amount of global music lovers is waiting for any official announcement of the anticipated new ADELE  album. Various rumours popped out in the last months hinting on a surprise release in the style of BEYONCÉ and other artists before but nothing is for sure yet although it is save to say that it will happen in the course of 2015.

Now, as DIY points out, Amazon Italy might have made a critical mistake by accidentally listing a new ADELE album on their page. Here’s the link and you can also find a screenshot of the page below. No release date is included but the title is 25, following the tradition of her previous albums 21 and 19. As these titles were previously a nod to her age the choice seems questionable as ADELE has turned 26 last year. Still, it looks like something is in the air, right? We’ll keep you updated on any news.

Adele - Amazon Screenshot