Adna - Run Lucifer

Last year in May, we talked to Swedish singer ADNA about her future plans and she confessed she was hoping to continue on creating and releasing music with her solo project. Fortunately, fate was on her side and rewarded her hard work with a beautiful new album. We are happy to exclusively present Run, Lucifer to you in its entire elegancy.

While her last year’s debut album Night already received much critical acclaim, the new work will simply blow you off your feet! Run, Lucifer (Out March 20 via Despotz Records) holds nine powerful tracks fully laden with fragile and emotive moments created in gloomy nighttime hours in the most private surroundings of her bedroom. Song titles such as Beautiful Hell, Lonesome or Shiver take you on a trip to the darkest corners of her soul and leave you with a latent melancholy. ADNA‘s remarkable voice comes shrouded in manifold soundscapes of atmospheric electronics and moving acoustics.

The brutally honest plainness of her songs is nothing but the result of the young woman’s vital need to write and express herself in words and sounds, an urge which she has never felt so strong before. She explains it like this: ‘My attempt is not to sound pretentious, but music is my harborage, and Run, Lucifer is about me being honest to myself, without thinking about how anyone would sense anything.’

Now it’s time to let the music speak, so close your eyes and indulge yourself in some Swedish beauty!