Agent Fresco - Dark Water

AGENT FRESCO are one of the best Icelandic bands ever. And at the same time one that has to get way more attention, since the four-piece simply has the potential to make it to the very top with their music. Now they shared the video for their brand new single Dark Water. An amazing song that got a stunning video clip which was directed by Dóri Andrésson and Marino Thorlacius. ‘We essentially just wanted to create a concept, not only lyrically and in the composition of the album, but also throughout the visuals, in every way possible, so it was decided very early on that Dóri Andrésson and Marino Thorlacius would not only create the artwork for our second album, but also collaborate on the music video for our first single, Dark Water.’ states AGENT FRESCO‘s singer Arnór Dan Arnarson. ‘The video ended up being everything that I was hoping for. It’s aesthetic, dark and contains the lyrical motifs of dependence and absence in love and anger. Heba Eir Kjeld, the Icelandic dancer is also featured in the music video and did a terrific job. She slam dunked me so hard into the dark pool, that I’m still to this day trying to get rid of all of the excess water that flooded into my brain.’