Alice Boman - Photo by Johanna Attesson

Photo by Johanna Attesson

‘Come and see, where are we there’s everything’ are the opening lines of THE WAR ON DRUGS energetic single Red Eyes from their latest album Lost in the Dream that was released in March 2014. Now ALICE BOMAN’s cover of Red Eyes is indeed a ‘come and listen’ moment. With a very minimalistic set up of only a piano, the sound of creaking chair and her beautiful, angelic voice, the Swedish singer songwriter transforms the song into something dreamlike with its very own energy. This characteristic, atmospheric, spacious, hazy piano sound also reoccurs on her new release EP II and her latest single What.

Now let’s put our headphones on and escape the world for three minutes with the sound of the day: ALICE BOMAN with Red Eyes.

Written by Martina Sobeck