Do you remember crafted Latvian singer/songwriter ALISE JOSTE? We introduced you to her music about two years ago and last year’s second full-length Hardships Are Ships was another wonderful testament of tender singer/songwriter talent. Now, the young lady is going for her first headliner tour through Germany and we’re not just giving away tickets for those shows but also give you an exclusive taste of her music in a different setting. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is premiering this haunting electronic rework of her song Ziemai, produced by fellow countryman TAVAKLIK. There’s not much left of the traditional song structure and that itself is a big compliment.

We’re pretty sure that ALISE JOSTE‘s upcoming tour will be a bit less electronic and focusses on the reduced beauty of her music. Something you should definitely not miss. And we help you to attend as we’re giving away 2×2 guestlist spots for all of these upcoming gigs. Just send a mail to with the subject ‘Alise Joste’, your full name and of course, the city of your choice.

Alise Joste – Live

08.11.2016 – Passau, Kaffeewerk
09.11.2016 – München, Einstein Kultur
10.11.2016 – Dresden, Blaue Fabrik
11.11.2016 – Jena, Brandmarken
12.11.2016 – Magdeburg, Volksbad Buckau
13.11.2016 – Berlin, Nussbreite
14.11.2016 – Hamburg, Kukuun
15.11.2016 – Wuppertal, Viertelbar
17.11.2016 – Köln, Sofar Sounds Cologne
18.11.2016 – Bremen, Karton
19.11.2016 – Münster, Schnabulenz
20.11.2016 – Köln, Hinterhofsalon