Allie - Artwork

If you still recover from an exhausting weekend you’d better think twice before taking a look at this video. Dark, twisted and surreal at its best but packed with great musical moments and popcultural references. The artist we’re talking about right here is ALLIE, a young gentleman from Berlin. And the video is a trailer for his forthcoming new self-titled album which is set for a release on June 19. On it, the talented musician continues to work on his own complex concept of pop music that is influenced by pretty much everything, from MICHAEL JACKSON to New Age music or trip hop.

ALLIE, who recorded his last album Uncanny Valley at the famous Clouds Hill studios, decided to head back to his DIY-roots for the new record while profiting from the previous studio experience. The result comes with a lot of love for details and was recorded patiently over the past months. Expect a lucky bag full of ideas and interesting twists. Well and since the album artwork already features a unicorn we aren’t surprised about anything right here. The album-trailer is a tribute to the diversified nature of the artist and features plenty of references, from JAY Z to GROUPER. Try to find them all in the exclusive premiere on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION right here.