Photo by Herrmann Stenerud

Who is it?

AMANDA DELARA, who is set to be Big Time (capitalisation obligatory). The Norwegian-Iranian singer, just 19 years old, burst out of the blocks this with her Paper Paper single, which earned her a deal with Sony Norway. Now she’s dropped the follow-up, Dirharmz.

Why should you listen to it?

Dirhamz is a dark, moody song, a song with a low-slung R’n’B groove. Its lyrics about hunting a precarious living on the sketchier side of the law (a dirham is a unit of currency in several Middle-Eastern countries) are striking, but it’s DELARA‘s personality that really sells the song. Her voice dominates the track, making every centimetre of it her own.

What’s next?

Nothing’s been announced yet past the single, but we can guarentee this won’t be the last time you hear her name.

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