Horse Meat Disco - Volume IV - Album Cover 2014

The four man DJ club collective HORSE MEAT DISCO are just about to release their new compilation Volume IV. With packed residencies in New York, London, Berlin, and Paris, the funky party is pretty much everywhere. Inspired by the music and inclusive ethos of New York’s heady club scene in the 80s & 90s the collective have garnered a unique reputation for throwing amazing parties with unmatchable sets. Every DJ mixes his own individual interpretations of the disco sound with a soundtrack that marries the quartet’s expertise and shared knowledge and experience in the field. No matter if classic, cosmic or deep disco, italo, punk funk, house, even techno, electric bangers or just plain old rare oddities, HORSE MEAT DISCO have everything you need to freak out and dance.

Freaking out is the motto behind the quartet’s new party-teaser video an evening at HORSE MEAT DISCO. An evening there will mainly have one thing: sweat. Simply because no one can escape from dancing. Enjoy the funky piece, and join the next party.