Ane Brun - 2015

Photo by Aida Chehrehgosha

Charismatic Norwegian singer/songwriter ANE BRUN returns with new music in the form of the song Directions. The track marks the first material since her singles compilation from 2013 and is also a teaser off her new studio album which is expected to get released this autumn. And it looks like we can expect  change of sound on the forthcoming longplayer.

ANE BRUN says: ‘Those moments perhaps are what makes the other days when you feel the opposite manageable. At least I try to remind myself of all the good days when things get a little darker.’

She also said that the music of DJ SHADOW and DJ KRUSH inspired her forthcoming album which will see her heading for a more extroverted sound. And indeed, you can sense a lot of jazzy trip-hop-inspired atmosphere in Directions. Listen to the song right here via The Line Of Best Fit.