feeling good - ane brun - songs 2003-2013 - album cover

ANE BRUN will release her new album “Songs 2003-2013” soon! The song “Feeling Good” is named “Sound of the Day”

Are you feeling good? ANE BRUN sings “it’s a new dawn / it’s a new day / it’s a new life for me / and I’m feeling good” and her song Feeling Good is named “Sound of the Day”. The perfect song to start into the weekend. The perfect song to think about your life and finally realize that life is not as bad as it sometimes might feel like.

ANE BRUN‘s new album, Songs 2003-2013, will be released soon. The Norwegian singer-songwriter concludes: “I kind of told myself early on to continue doing this as long as it gave me pleasure and it still does, more than ever. I’m still fingerpicking in front of my favourite TV series or with my morning coffee, just like I did with Morgan ten to fifteen years ago. And it still fascinates me, just like it did when I wrote one of my very first songs, ‘Wooden Body’, sometime around the year 2000…”

Are you ready for a new dawn, a new day, a new life and last but not least feeling good? You should be! Enjoy ANE BRUN‘s Feeling Good: