Photo by Sophie Wanninger

Photo by Sophie Wanninger

Fans of atmospheric and reduced folk music – can we have three minutes of your time today? We’d like to introduce you to charismatic lo-fi songwriter ANGELA AUX and his new track Personal Howl. ANGELA AUX is the alter ego of ALOA INPUT member Florian Kreier ant the gentle piece you are about to experience is taken off his upcoming new LP Wrap Your Trouble in Dreams, out on May 13.

Personal Howl clearly references the intimate bedroom charm of old ELLIOT SMITH and the Pink Moon-era NICK DRAKE, reducing its essence to a certain core. About the song Kreier states:

‘I wrote this song while we were recording the first Aloa Input record in winter 2012. The weather fucked me up so hard, that I was falling into some sort of depression. I developed strange feelings and perspectives on the band. Recording periods can be tough shit sometimes and I ended up with the plan to quit the band after the sessions. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I sat down in the kitchen of the band flat and tried to calm down by strumming some chords. I got the guitar lick and just mumbled some words over it. When it all took shape I found a clear message for me: living will always be dying in the same time and what ever you do it might turn out to be wrong. It’s all useless and it’s all good as well. Shaolin monks have this saying: you have to accept chaos to accept the chaos. I guess that’s right.’

Find his forthcoming tour dates under the exclusive premiere of the new track.

Angela Aux – Live 2016

13.04.2016 – Berlin, Schokoladen
14.04.2016 – Chemnitz, Lesecafe Odradek
15.04.2016 – Traunstein, Festung
16.04.2016 – Innsbruck, Stockel
17.04.2016 – Passau, Cafe Museum
19.04.2016 – Würzbug, Kellerperle
24.04.2016 – Frankfurt, Sikks
30.04.2016 – Dettenhofen, FuHa
18.05.2016 – Munich, Kammerspiele