Ann See- 2017

Photo by Amalie Warberg

Today’s the day we’d like to introduce you to danish electropop producer and songwriter ANN SEE and her latest single Head Het Up for multiple reasons. First, she cranks out all her own lyrics and partners with her father on production to create tracks that will undoubtedly wedge themselves between your ears for days to come. She started out a few years back, with an EP release featuring her first standout track titled Drawn. Her sound falls in line with her original style, but has picked up a note of maturity (and a heavier production) along the way. The catchiness stayed put though.

Oh, and the second big reason is this really impressive music video for her new tune which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION exclusively debuts today. First off, the landscapes in this video are pretty exceptional. They’re the kind of shots that make you wonder: where the hell is that? Most of it was filmed in Berlin, while the impressive pastoral shots feature Denmark’s jagged coast and countryside.

Under that catchy beat are some standout lyrics about discovering and embracing the best version of yourself and not bending that to conform. Head Het Up is a call to grab life by the horns and shamelessly tackle it like the big playground it is. It’s about having a bit of guts to do what you want, to be who you are, with a head held high enough to dodge contempt of others while not dishing it out yourself. The track’s been finished for nearly a year, but ANN SEE had to go through hell and back before releasing it. It’s almost like she needed to live out her lyrics in order to put them out there, with her head held up. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we hear more out of her in the near future.