Antonio Grams - Demons


As an attentive reader of our magazine you possibly are aware of the most recent split of REPTILE YOUTH and the decision of one half of the duo, Esben Valløe, to start anew under the name of ANTONIO GRAM. We also introduced you to his splendid first single Demons and now there’s a video for it that’s nothing less impressive than the tune. William Reynish directed it and Camilla & Gunilla Lind contributed the dancing.

Why Should I Watch This?

This video for Demons elegantly bridges old arts and new ones by taking classical, sculptural figures that are put into a more modern context by digital animation and the beauty of expressive dancing. All of it suits the song that features EMMA SEHESTED’s vocals and centers around the line All these Demons deep inside pretty well, as it visualizes the construction and deconstruction of men and relationship, our fluid existence in a pretty abstract but visually impressive way. And the amount of work that’s been put into this clip is nothing less impressive.

Anything Else?

Not really, except that Valløe’s departure of REPTILE YOUTH is a pity but the more we dive into the world of ANTONIO GRAM the more excited we get for his upcoming debut album. We’ll keep you updated on that. For now, enjoy Demons.