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APOLLONIA will play at this year’s EXIT Festival, one of the best European Festivals



For some of us a 12-hour shift consists of filing out paper work and sitting in front of the computer all day. For APOLLONIA a 12-hour shift consists of spinning records non-stop at clubs, such as Berlin’s celebrated Panorama Bar and performing at the upcoming EXIT festival, which has been named one of the thirteen best European Festivals 2013

The long time friends, DYED SOUNDOROM, SHONKY and DAN GHENACIA have combined their DJ powers, resulting in endlessly chill house with a deep soul that has them rising to the top.

GHENACIA’S former label, FREAK N’CHIC released his fellow Apollonian’s first EPs, but the dynamic has certainly changed with the creation of their new project. With their new label, APOLLONIA, the three are not only working together as a single harmonious unit, but they have also created a platform for other musicians to reach their full potential.

The Parisian trio will year will be joining the EXIT FESTIVAL for the first time this year. Taking place in the striking Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia, EXIT is known for being one of biggest and widely attended summer music festivals in Europe.

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APOLLONIATrinidad / Visa Americain EP


Your musical congregation is often described as ‘natural’. Were your reasons for starting APOLLONIA based on interest in each other’s work, or were you already somewhat working together?
We have known each for more than 10 years, both as friends and professionally. We share the same musical roots and tastes and love to play together.

What made you decide to also create a label in addition to a musical project?
The label is the perfect way to present what we do, it’s all about music we love, new and old – we are releasing new material from artists like CHRIS CARRIER, HECTOR MORALEZ, DAZE MAXIM. We are also releasing represses of important tracks for us, the first being POINT G’s ‘Underwater.’ And, of course, some of our own productions!

Do you have a particular vision for your label in regards to what artists you want to work with in the future?
There’s one rule, all three of us have to love the artist and their music.

For your extended back2back2back DJ set that last 5 hours or more, how do you guys pull that off? Do you take shifts or will you all be present at the same time?
No shifts, its back2back, one record each for the full 5 hours or more. In fact after a few hours it becomes almost like mediation, you are so into the music you don’t notice the time anymore. One of our last marathon sets was at Panorama Bar in Berlin… we played for more than 12 hours together.

Why did you decide to do a set like this? Do you think there is something more powerful for the crowd experiencing a DJ set without interruption? 
We also like shorter sets of 2-3 hours, but it’s just a different approach. Try to imagine the 3 minutes radio edit versus the 12 minutes extended club mix – can you say which is better?

What are the major musical influences that you each have, and how did you utilize these to create one fluid sound?
Part of the basis of our friendship was that we shared the same musical roots. We love to share music. So even though we can play in different ways for our solo gigs, coming together as APOLLONIA works so well because we share the same musical vision. We also aim to sound like one artist and not three, and this is what creates the fluidity in our back2back sets.

Is there a particular venue or festival you are most excited about, and are looking forward to experiencing together?
Our favourite clubs are DC10 Ibiza, fabric London and Panorama Bar Berlin. For the summer season we live in Ibiza and play DC10 regularly, in fact we are very excited about our APOLLONIA party coming up there on 24th August. We are also very excited to have worked with FABRIC on the latest edition of their compilation series ‘FABRIC 70’, mixed by APOLLONIA and out this month!

Will this be the first year for all of you at the EXIT festival?
Yes it is! We are friends with a lot of the artists playing our stage – SETH TROXLER, DUBFIRE… So, for sure it’s going to be a great party. And of course we cannot wait to see the man himself: SNOOP DOGG!!