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There is nothing more precious than a baby. Nothing more precious than a child. We need to take good care of the little humans. As they are more vulnerable and fragile, there are major subjects to discuss. What they should eat, what they should play with… what should they wear? Today, I am at the glad position to present you the award-winning Aravore London.

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Aravore was founded in 2005 in the UK. It was the first brand to introduce vintage lines in children’s clothing and one of the first ones to present organic knitwear. They use high quality raw materials and they produce everything on their own, in their own ateliers. They started from a small team of two in London, but the team steadily grew and ended up having a main atelier in Paraguay and about 25 more ladies in satellite Ateliers. The label itself has this whole personal philosophy and a person-centered mentality. From people for people. Beautifully made pieces from super talented seamstresses. Special details come to the front and make the difference.

The materials? Organic cotton, organic merino wool yarns and fabrics, as well as sustainable vintage fabrics. What it matters to them is ethics, luxury and uniqueness-all that matters to you, concerning your little ones. Every item you buy has the signature of the artisan who made it. That is to bring a connection between the creator and the buyer, that is to stop impersonal buys.

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Aravore can offer clothes and accessories to an age range from newborns to eight year old children. Clothes always come in a beautiful package as the brand is also popular for their gift focus. For their 10th anniversary, they are introducing their non-seasonal, signature collection. It includes most of their best sellers that have been asked again and again. It will be available all year round. By picking that you manage to get the best clothing for your little ones, in a super affordable price.

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