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London collective ARCHIVE has been teasing its tenth full-length over the past few weeks, and already announced a november tour. Therefore they were very expected when they detailed earlier today this new project titled The False Foundation and due to be released on the 7th of October. The collective also shared a first video single out of it, Driving Into Nails. This new album will be the follow-up to last year’s Restriction and 2014’s special movie-project Axiom. In an interview we made with them three years ago, all these projects were already recorded. Considering the time gap between them and The False Foundation, we can expect this new album to be a new flexion in their 20 years old history . Founding member Darius Keeler adresses that:

‘I think just knowing that we were working on our tenth album made this one feel like a landmark record. Our history as a collective has been a mad journey, we’ve trodden such a strange path to arrive at where we are today, and I think in a way that informed the new record and emboldened us to make what is probably the Archive album that I’m most proud of to date.’

Driving Into Nails is a song that remind of the collective various eras. The rythm and the soundscape clearly adresses the industrial shift taken since 2012’s With Us Until You’re Dead, while the structure makes us think of songs like Dangervisit in their 2009’s sucessfull Controlling Crowds LP. The video is produced by NYSU, the same spanish collective that worked with the band for the Axiom movie project two years ago. Their upcoming tour features many dates in Poland and in Germany, while headlining ‘Salle Pleyel’ – one of Paris most prestigious venue.

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