Icelandic singer/songwriter ÁSGEIR is declared one of the winner of this year’s European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA). With his first full-length Dyrd í dauðathogn, this young guy not only mesmerized his home-country Iceland, in which almost 10% of the whole population bought it in 2013, he also bravely took the step out of his comfort-zone. Translated by the wonderful JOHN GRANT, his work – retitled now as In The Silence – is available in English as well, which clearly predestines him for the EBBA. Still a little overwhelmed by the sudden success, ÁSGEIR states which great an honour this award is and points out, that other’s have become quite famous after receiving it – f.e. his fellow-countrymen OF MONSTERS AND MEN. See and hear what else the Icelandic wunderkind had to tell while he sat down for an interview at the current EUROSONIC NOORDERSLAG.

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