At The Drive-In

Legendary Post Hardcore heroes AT THE DRIVE-IN will return for another series of concerts in 2016, following a brief comeback back in 2012. Earlier today the group was confirmed to perform at the Rock on the Range Music Festival in May 2016, their first performance in four years.

Until this announcement the future state of AT THE DRIVE-IN remained unsure, although co-founder Cedric Bixler-Zavala stated back in 2012 that he’s genereally interested in continuing the project his bandmate Omar Rodriguez-Lopez wasn’t really into a long run of the comeback concept. Back then he said:

‘When playing those songs, I thought, ‘Here’s a person at the time that I don’t relate to anymore.’ He didn’t care about his life and was doing drugs and was really disconnected from the world and a whole lot of other personal stuff that I won’t get into. If I give myself to that, I can feel the psychological effects of that personality in the same way that an actor can say it wasn’t healthy to live in that role so long or bring that role home every night.’

Let’s see what the future hold for AT THE DRIVE-IN, shall we?