Audio Invasion 2011 - by Rene Jungnickel

Photo by Rene Jungnickel

What happens when you put some of the hottest acts in contemporary music genres like pop, rock and electronica in an impressive concert house that was mostly made for, and mostly plays the broad range of, classic music? Well, it’s getting a bit posh, it will sound well and will look awesome. Short said, it’s gonna be a really special night.

Leipzig’s AUDIO INVASION brings exactly that concept, year to year in one of the most famous locations for such a project. The Gewandhaus Leipzig right in the middle of the old part of the town. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is once more happy to present this evening extraordinaire, happening on November 22nd.

With a fine taste in music, the AUDIO INVASION has always surprised us with a mixture of big names as well as an interesting pick of newcomers. A variety of bands like SÉBASTIAN TELLIER, AZARI & III, WHOMADEWHO, WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE shared the stage with electronic artists like PEACHES, JULIO BASHMORE, HUDSON MOHAWKE or KELE the last years.

For this year’s edition they brought no one else than soul electronica crooner SOHN, trippy poppers GLASS ANIMALS and BODI BILL‘s heritage, the new project THE/DAS to name just a few. It’s also a tradition that the evening is opened with an imposing classic concert of the house’s own orchestra, the world famous GEWANDHAUS ORCHESTER, this time with the The Monteverdi Choir and conducted by Sir John Eliot Gardiner.

Watch the trailer below and have a look on this year’s full line up.


Gewandhausorchester with The Monteverdi Chor under Sir John Eliot Gardiner

SOHN //  Tuff City Kids (Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer) // The/Das // Glass Animals // Francesco Tristano // Pional *live // Usunov // MM/KM *Live (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup) // Reznik  // Metro Area (Dj-Set by Darshan Jesrani) // Lux // Panthera Krause *live // Preston Teavee & Leamington Spa // Deko Deko *live // Vin Blanc / White Wine *live