Augustines - When Things Fall Apart - Video

American indie rock heroes AUGUSTINES are about to release their new LP This Is Your Life on June 10. Following the previously released anthem Are We Alive, they now released a music video for the pumping second single When Things Fall Apart. The video is set in the racing world and follows 1300 cc Stock Car World Champion Will Morphey.

Director Jack Lightfoot on the video:

‘I’ve been in awe of their (Augustines) unparalleled passion towards their music and performances. I wanted to create something that mirrored these emotions – a raw, endearing video that takes us inside a relatively alien sub-culture, and showcases passion and dedication within a completely different environment.’

‘We were introduced by a racing organisation to Will Morphey, the seventeen year old Stock Car World Champion. It was obvious from the minute we met what the sport meant to him. His house was full of trophies, and his back garden was his very own scrap yard, stacked full of cars and motor parts. It was a captivating sight watching Will build the vehicles, grafting day and night before heading in to battle. Then, when the race was complete, it was back home to begin all over again, ready for the next event’

It’s quite an intense but entertaining little piece AUGUSTINES present right here.