Av Av Av - Photo by Nikolaj Thaning

Photo by Nikolaj Thaning

What could possibly go wrong when three of Denmark’s finest producers for electronic music join forces? Well, not much as ELOQ, UNKWON and DJ E.D.D.E.H prove with their project AV AV AV. The three friends originally just planned a private vacation back in late 2013 but far sooner than they originally thought the creativity got hold of them, resulting in their first collaborative tracks and a first EP called They Live which was released earlier this spring via label Space Weather.

Now, the three-piece returns with a special-one off single called Holla, premiering today here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. It’s a special one-off-track called Holla which AV AV AV especially produced for last weekend’s Distortion Festival. The grooving piece definitely captures the spirit of the electronic music event, wouldn’t you agree? Listen to it below. And speaking of events, don’t forget to check out AV AV AV‘s scheduled festivals for this year below.

AV AV AV – Live:
24.07. Appletree Garden Festival – Diepholz
23.08. Dockville Festival – Hamburg