azekel - a song to an unborn child (delilah)

Sound of the Day: AZEKELA Song to an Unborn Child (Delilah)

Have you ever sung a song to an unborn child? East-London based r’n’b and soul singer AZEKEL does so in his new song A Song to an Unborn Child (Delilah). In February he debuted with his first music video The Feeling. Already at this point we told that we are “pretty sure that it is just a matter of time before AZEKEL is known to a way bigger crowd.” With A Song to an Unborn Child (Delilah), AZEKEL proves that he is a musical genius and sings the words everyone thinks when a child is coming: Me and you and her.

Imagine a pregnant woman who wants to break up with her friend and he sings “Can’t you tell it, Delilah? Why don’t we stay together? Can’t you tell it Delilah? Please do before we break up, ’cause I don’t wanna lose you. Oh Delilah. Forever me and you and her. Forever me and her and you.” This is love. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSIOn tells it to you, Delilah and everyone who is in love: this is love.