Baby Guru - Marginalia - Album Cover 2014

BABY GURUMarginalia

1. Especially when
2. Baby you’re so weird
3. Exegesis
4. Marginalia
5. Behaviour
6. Explain
7. We need some space
8. Two days ago
9. Turtle hearts
10. Anticipation
11. Most of the times

One year and a half after the European release of Pieces the Greece’s best psych band, BABY GURU, return with the new album Marginalia. The album will be released on March 24th via Inner-ear Records in Greece, March 31st via Differ-ant in France and May 2nd via Rough Trade in Germany. Already now you can stream Marginalia, the band’s most ambitious work to date, exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. BABY GURU‘s Marginalia doesn’t thrive in the margins, but justifies its title with a never-ending expansion of the mind and body through its musical substance.

As always the band members, Prins Obi, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche, are the exclusive creators of the album. Composition, production, arrangement and recording: all was done by just the three of them. Well, ok… with the help of the band’s unofficial fourth member, Christina, they attempt to fuse high quality pop with synthesizer music and riveting grooves. Last but not least the album was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York. And so BABY GURU‘s Marginalia comes with 11 tracks that create a cohesive whole, brim with lyricism, electrify, and are full of atmospheric sounds and irresistible hooks.

Marginalia is a must-listen for fans of psychedelic pop music.

If you like BABY GURU, make sure to also check out the video to the song Especially When.