belgian fog

The name of Robert Dales’ project BELGIAN FOG is not inspired by the descent of the producer (since he is American) but rather by the descent of the man who inspired Dale: Belgian songwriter JACQUES BREL (1929 – 1978). Of course, the instrumental or rather electronical features of BELGIAN FOG‘s songs bring back the 80s to your loudspeakers. But the textual approach to is in the manner of BREL who, according to Dale, ‘was able to communicate ideas through realistic characters and beautifully painful lyrics.’

What the combination of thoughtful lyrics and classic pop sounds like, you can find out by listening to BELGIAN FOG‘s new track Loveless Way.

‘It’s easier to stay with you than search for someone else’, sings Dale while a playful synth gigs around a harsh beat. He clearly defines his emotional state in the hookline: ‘I’d rather stay trapped in a loveless way, than try to make the pain go’. That’s not what we wish BELGIAN FOG, particularly because he is only 23 years old. His musical experience probably comes from working for the renowned Seattle radio station KEXP. We are looking forward to hear more from this talented young man soon and maybe you will as well after listening to Loveless Way.