benjamin clementine 2014

The hype around BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE doesn’t stop. Now the English artist, who live inn France, partnered up with Virgin EMI Records and Barclay Universal with his independent record label Behind. And so it looks like everything becomes as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION ever wished for BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE: he’s – hopefully – just about to become one of the biggest artists of our time. That he has everything it takes for this he proved at Trans Musicales de Rennes 2013 and Eurosonic Noorderslag 2014.

On his Facebook page BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE states:

My story is not long, but i think and feel that i have been here before; So it seems quite long. You all know and if you don’t know, well I have been independent almost all of my time here, trying to find a way to tell you how i feel and the things i have encountered through it all. With a book, thoughts, a pen, an instrument and my voice and a little bit of paint, I have managed to conjure up something that you and me find quite pleasing and through your help and support, i have begun to attract a bigger audience.

My goal is not that, but that someone will remember i touched them to do something they felt proud off.
I thought from my perspective that with the desire for authenticity, I could express myself much better and probably discover my various strengths in what i can do. The art we see is just an extensions to the art we cannot see, and I realized that at a certain point we cannot do it all by ourselves even if we could and that someone`s hands could bring someones else to the place you want to take them; hence I am proud to announce to you all that i have partnered with Virgin EMI Records and Barclay Universal with my independent record label Behind.