Following his recently released new music video Phantom Of Aleppoville the talented BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE has now officially detailed the follow-up album to his Mercury Prize-winning debut At Least For Now. The new LP goes by the name I Tell A Fly and arrives on September 15 via Behind/ Virgin. ‘In little words – it’s a story about two wandering flies finding fleet,’ explains Clementine the album’s title. He furthermore adds:

‘I am neither a politician nor prophet but an artist who creates to only entertain is no better than a con. I hope this album fulfils its purpose as the continuation from At Least For Now. Thank you for your kindness, warmth, patience and unparalleled support. Ars brevis, vita longa.’

Next to Phantom Of Aleppoville arrives another new song called God Save The Jungle which is now also up for stream below.

‘I Tell A Fly’ – Tracklist

01. Farewell Sonata
02. God Save The Jungle
03. Better Sorry Than A Safe
04. Phantom Of Aleppoville
05. Paris Cor Blimey
06. Jupiter
07. Ode From Joyce
08. One Awkward Fish
09. By The Ports Of Europe
10. Quintessence
11. Ave Dreamer

‘God Save The Jungle’

‘Phantom Of Aleppoville’