Birdy Hunt

Paris – city of love, city to love, city that loves us back – occasionally. Today there’s love and sun and lightness all around for sure as we premiere Snoopy from Paris based outfit BIRDY HUNT – a group of friends from Paris that formed the band around 2007 and toured extensively ever since. The song originates from BIRDY HUNT‘s debut record Shoplift which is out today via Deaf Rock Records and Rough Trade.

The five guys spread their guitar driven indie rock in a quite irresistible manner – including a slight tendency towards trash. You can literally smell the fun they had creating this tune and equally enjoy a good time with Snoopy. But don’t get trapped! Despite obvious feel good indie music in the spirit of TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB or THE WOMBATS, this little piece already reveals a certain stark 80s wave spirit as well. The group on their latest tune: ‘It was the first song we decided to integrate in the album during the writing process. We wanted a fresh title that doesn’t correspond to the lyrics and paying tribute to a famous dog we like a lot.’ You see: BIRDY HUNT are not that easy to pin down in terms of simple categories. But judge for yourself.